The Slovak Warmblood

In general warmblooded horses are halfbloods, or hybrids, which originated out of various domestic breeds and were ennobled with the blood of English purebreds and Arabians. The Slovak Warmblood is a very efficient breed with the excellent characteristcs of a sport horse. It is the scion of Austro-Hungarian warmblood breeds and horses which were ennobled from Arabians, English purebreds and halfbloods. Since 1961 they are bred especially for the purpose of being sport and work horses.
The Topoľčianky herd comes from the leading breeders in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Since at first the breed did not live up to its expectations, more care has been taken in the selection process in the last ten years. More consideration was taken regarding the strenght and power of the sires.
At present in the herd there are forty breeding mares and Oldenburg, Holstein, Westphalia and Traken stallions. Their offspring achieve good results at national and international competitions.

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